Expect a lot of African-Americans in Ghana soon – Steve Harvey

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American Comedian and actor Steve Harvey has disclosed that he is personally funding a trip that will bring a lot of African-Americans to witness the slave castle in Cape Coast and experience Ghana’s rich culture.

According to the 62-year-old humorist, he has used all platforms available to him to enlighten Blacks about Ghana’s significance in the dark history of the slave trade and urged all to travel to Ghana.

He affirmed the belief that a visit to the Castle will make them unravel the full truth of their history and appreciate the struggles of their grandparents.

Speaking to Giovanni Caleb on the 3FM’s Drive show, on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, Steve Harvey who described his visit to the castle as “emotional” said, African-Americans need to witness the place in order to understand the atrocities that their colonial masters did to their forefathers.

“I’m actually going to form a trip to bring a lot of African-Americans to three cities but I want them to see Ghana first because they have to see the slave castle, culture of the city and how vibrant it is,” Steve Harvey said on radio.

He said, he didn’t understand the popularity of Ghana until he visited in August this year.

“When I went to the slave castle with my family, it was so emotional for African-Americans to come here. Aside, my father, there is no records of my grandfather because he was a slave. So to come here to the slave castle and see what they did us and where they took us from, is very emotional”, he told Giovanni.

The comic actor told Giovanni that people shouldn’t be surprised to see him in Ghana again after his recent visit.

He revealed that he is currently in Ghana to promote an African version of his show Family Feud.

According to him, the show is expected to be recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa, with auditions in Ghana scheduled to be held on November 22 & 23 at the forecourt of TV3.

He said, “My heart is in America but my soul is Africa.”

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