Ferry loaded with 3 cargo trucks sinks in Makango River

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A ferry loaded with three cargo trucks has sunk in the Makango River, located in the East Gonja District of Savannah region.

Strenuous efforts by personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service to rescue the sinking ferry failed.

The ferry had been sinking slowly for over an hour before the failed rescue effort started.

Joy News’ Correspondent, Isaac Nongya, reported earlier that the ferry was likely to submerge in the river since there was no intervention.

Reporting after the ferry sank, the reporter said, “even attempts by other cargo trucks outside the ferry to pull out the loaded trucks on the ferry achieved success.”

The ferry was popular on the Makango to Yeji route and was bound for Yendi in the newly created  Bono Region.

Isaac reported that the ferry first loaded two of the three trucks filled with tubers of yam but after adding the third loaded truck, it started sinking to the surprise of the owners and the ‘loading boys’ [porters], Isaac reports, Friday.

Watch photos below.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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