I was scared to share the news about my son because of how judgemental Ghanaians are – KiDi

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On Thursday, November, 28th, Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi broke the internet when he posted a photo of him and his never before seen 3-year-old son on the gram and he has revealed why it took him so long to share the news to the world. Whilst a lot of his fans are shocked at the revelation, KiDi has revealed that his son was born before he got famous.

In a conversation with MzGee on 3FM, the “Odo” hitmaker explained that he was afraid of how judgemental Ghanaians can be, hence, his decision to keep his little boy a secret.

“It was way before the fame and everything. So I decided that this is something I am not ready to share with anybody yet. See I was actually scared to share it earlier cause of how I know my fellow Ghanaians are. You know Africa, in general, we are very judgmental” he said.

KiDi also added that he and his baby mother who lives in London were not together as a couple, but are co-parenting.

Talking about why he is making public now, the singer said he said mentally ready now.

Listen to Kidi explain in the video below.

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