Take advantage of ACFTA – Joyce Ababio to fashion industry players

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Fashion Designer, Joyce Ababio has urged her colleagues to take advantage of The African Continental Free Trade Area to help grow the industry and make Ghana the hub of fashion in Africa.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Noella Karyn Yalley, she stated that the country boasts of a wide range of talented artists who make beautiful tailor-made clothing. 

“I think it is about time people start looking at us because we do amazing work. We have no business going outside to buy those things (if) we can make them for you here. Most of us (designers) are doing ready-to-wear so you can walk into a shop and pick up the things you need,” she said.

The CEO of Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design explained that growing the industry will help Ghanaians draw much-needed attention to the growing fashion industry and also encourage the patronage of outfits made in the country.

She also believes that the patronage of made-in-Ghana attires will help grow the textiles industry exponentially.

Madam Joyce added that Ghanaians need to forgo the mindset that foreign products are better, especially in view of the growing number of good fashion designers in the country.

“I think there are nice designers here and they are doing the work, so we need to find a way to bring us all together, designers, manufacturers, textile, all of us together to become the hub of fashion in Africa,” she said.

Madam Joyce has, therefore, taken the initiative by opening her first concept shop Black and White Accents, which is expected to bring together designers to sell their outfits under the same roof.

“It is a concept I have thought about for years. I have about 14 designers in here and everybody has their mindset and ideas of what designs are about. All of us being here means when you enter anything anybody wants is here,” she explained.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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