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The Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG marks 5th anniversary

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2019 marks the fifth year of programming and activities for The Girls Education Initiative of Ghana, GEIG. In five years GEIG has supported/ funded 35 girls with scholarships to complete basic education ( class six to junior high, junior high to senior high)and tertiary.

Additional to financial scholarships, GEIG organizes leadership development and mentoring programs for students and the community as well as professional development (community service and internship placements). In celebration of the five years, GEIG highlights Elizabeth, a beneficiary.

Elizabeth is thirteen and in her second year of junior high school. She lives with her aunt who is her legal guardian. Elizabeth is the third born of nine children. Her biological mother lives in Cape Coast in the Central region. Elizabeth has been living in Kumasi with her aunt for the last 10 years. Elizabeth, her sister, aunt, and aunt’s children live in a kiosk(store). The family of five have been living there for about three years with no source of electricity. Elizabeth and her cousins use flash-lights and candles to learn and complete homework assignments. Elizabeth’s aunt sells rice porridge at market to support the family.  In her application and during the home visit portion of our recruitment to be a GEIG student, it was clear Elizabeth’s family won’t be able to support her to pursue her education and dream of becoming a nurse or a soldier. Elizabeth is an academically good student with a B+ cumulative average. Since becoming a GEIG student Elizabeth is making steady progress academically and building her confidence. She now avidly participates in class and community activities. Elizabeth values the support GEIG and its global network provides for her and her family. She is hopeful that through the Girls Education Initiative of Ghana her life course will change for the positive.

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