Trade Commission rules in favor of Aluworks over dumping of aluminum coils from China

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The Ghana International Trade Commission has ruled in favour of Aluworks, against the dumping of aluminum coils from China.

Aluworks had petitioned the GITC over the unfair trade practices

In presenting the ruling, Vice- Chairman of the commission, Prof. Paul Kuruk said the products imported from China have been causing material injury to the Ghanaian industry. This he said precipitated the ruling.

“After considering the facts available, the commission made a preliminary report, responses to the questionnaires, a hearing conducted on January 9, 2020 and other information, the Commission made a final determination that the subject product originating in or imported from China was being dumped onto the Ghanaian domestic market, causing material injury and a threat of material injury to the Ghanaian industry”..

He further noted that “the Commission decided that the following definitive anti-dumping duties be imposed on aluminum coils and ‘circles’ originating in or imported from China.” 

Executive Secretary of the Commission, Frank Agyekum told Joy Business that the ruling seeks to provide a level playing field for investors who seek to enter the Ghanaian industrial sector.

According to him, “this means that, those products that are coming in are going to be charged to be in conformity with the world standard. So, as you pay, you know you’re paying the rightful price. When that happens, then it means that Aluworks is then able to produce for the local people. We’re not saying don’t produce or don’t import into Ghana.”

Mr. Agyekum however emphasised that, “you can import into Ghana but don’t import at a cheaper rate to make our industries collapse.

“So when they come onto the market, it’s for the ordinary Ghanaian who is going to the market to then decide which to buy. The good thing is that, it enables the local industry to thrive because we’re able to compete on our own.”

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