‘What Do Girls Really Want’ – Sister Derby, Freda Rhymz, others school Lord Paper

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“What Do Girls Really Want?” This question has surprisingly broken relationships and generated some controversial arguments.

For new artiste, Lord Paper, who does not want his ignorance on the topic to destroy his relationship, sought the wise counsel of five female artistes in his new track, ‘What Do Girls Really Want’.

S3fa, Coco Treyy, Freda Rhymz, Enam and Sister Derby give Lord Paper, after he gets rejected by a girl, varied views on women’s interest but with underlying similarities.

S3fa who got her backyard party crushed by the singer in despair said, she prefers to be treated with care, have financial stability and also likes someone who makes her laugh.

Lord Paper

While carpooling with Lord Paper, Coco Treyy was rather interested in what the guy wanted from her adding “girls want this, girls want that but I want money, love and no shakara.”

Freda Rhymz and Enam stated that money, care and more importantly good sex, are a mix they like in a relationship.

Sister Derby could not help but call out guys unsure of what they want.

“Always together but we are not together, see me with Kwame then you start dey shiver… I no get time to caress another brother man’s ego,” she stated.

It seems having to be exclusive to a responsible guy is what Sister Derby really wants. 

Taking pointers from the ladies by drawing the similarities between their advice – care, money, exclusiveness and being responsible – seemed to have worked for Lord Paper.

At the beginning of the video, his girl appeared to have rejected the flower and new iPhone he had bought her but ended up getting the attention of his lady after the counsel.

Putting aside content, vocals of Coco Treyy, Enam and S3fa caught many viewers on YouTube. Others were impressed with Freda and Sister Deborah’s bars on the song.

Also, female artistes in the industry hardly work together in this number, hence for viewers, it is refreshing to see varieties of female talent on one song.

The visuals for the song was released on August 10, 2019.

Watch the video below:

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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