Achimota SHS is a factory for miseducation; it would be child abuse to send my children there – Obadele Kambon

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A Senior Research Fellow at the University of Ghana has bemoaned what he says is double standards in the country’s education setup.

Dr Obadele Kambon who is also the Head of the Language, Literature and Drama Section of the Institute of African Studies says this development indicates “that we denigrate our own but treat white people differently.”

“The same people who went to this school and are taught to worship an imaginary white man – if that exact same imaginary white man came there and said, ‘I want to go to school,’ would they ask this imaginary white man that they pray to every Sunday, ‘You have to cut this bushy hair that you have?’” asked Dr Kambon.

Achimota School made the headlines after its refusal to allow a Rastafarian student with dreadlocks to enroll there for his senior high school education.

According to the School, Tyrone Marghuy and other students with dreadlocks need to cut their hair before they are allowed to study there.

The matter ended up at Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court with the aggrieved student seeking redress.

Speaking on the issue last Thursday on the AM Show, Dr Obadele Kambon, said Achimota School is a “factory for miseducation.”

He was emphatic that he would never take his children [who wear dreadlocks as well] to such an institution as it would be tantamount to “child abuse to do so.”

“It would be child abuse to send my children to a place that is going to basically make their minds into what would amount to little more than mush at the end of the day.

“That is going to teach them to be anti-African. That’s going to give them miseducation and anti-education,” he stated.


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