Amazing Choral threatens to sue EL for sampling their performance in ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben’

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Gospel choral music group, Amazing Chorale, has threatened to sue rapper EL  for copyright infringement.

Speaking in an interview on Citi News, Chief Executive Officer of the group, Nicholas Essah, stated that the choral part of EL’s new song ‘Efa Wo Ho Ben’ was sampled from their performance of Asare Bediako’s ‘W’ano Pe Asem’.

According to him, the particular song was recorded by TV3 during their performance at the station’s gospel music contest, ‘Celebrations’ in 2015.

“The voice we recorded is the same thing he has used, doctored it and just added some few words,” he said.

Mr. Effah also stated that they are speaking to their lawyers to take the matter up.“We have spoken with Asare Bediako; he is bitterly hurt. We have also spoken to our lawyers and in collaboration with Asare Bediako we shall take him on,” they added.

In a phone interview with the composer, Asare Bediako from his base in Toronto, Canada, he remonstrated the fact that EL did not seek permission from either him or Amazing Chorale.


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