All we know about Joyce Blessing and ex-husband, DNA on children brouhaha

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Award-winning Gospel artist,  Joyce Blessing ended her marriage to her husband and then manager Dave Joy in 2020. The two share three children together. 

While details of the reason for the divorce are shaky, Joyce Blessing and her husband were reported to have had extramarital affairs. Joyce was rumored to have dated her gym instructor, the reason for her divorce.

As the two continue to battle it out in divorce court, new information from Peace FM’s Kwasi Aboagye reveals that Dave Joy had taken their three children for a paternity test without the knowledge and consent of his ex-wife Joyce Blessing.

According to Kwasi Aboagye, the kids who are currently living with their mum, Joyce Blessing, were taken out on a shopping spree by their dad which turned out to be a DNA sampling spree.

The DNA results have since proven that one of the three kids was not fathered by Dave Joy.

“Indeed a DNA test was conducted and it proved that it’s just one child that doesn’t belong to Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband out of the three children. You haven’t seen any DNA test yet you keep gossiping and spewing lies,” Kwasi Aboagye verified on his show.

While revealing the true details of the situation, Kwasi Aboagye chastised bloggers and other people who were going around giving false details about the situation.

“Some of you are reporting that Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband has discovered that two of their children are not his, that is not the case. If you do not have the true details, please stop,” he stated.

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