“Attempt Anything You Want With A Sense Of Urgency” Naki Akrofi Advices Youth.

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The “Wo Ye Nyame” hit-maker Naki Akrofi shared her thoughts and advice for the youth and the world ahead of her much anticipated second single, in an exclusive interview with Hubgh.biz via WhatsApp where she expressed her profound gratitude to God while sharing her future plans.

“Wo Ye Nyame”
  1. What is your main reason and motivation for this music Journey.?

Naki Akrofi: My motivation comes from the Word of God. (Matthew 25:14-30) talks about the parable of the talents. God expects that we use whatever gifts and talents He has given us to the benefit of others. (Matthew 25:45. It should also be the motivation for everyone).

2. What should musician lovers and fans expect from you next…?

Naki Akrofi: Every next is in the hands of God but when God gives me the grace for my next level, it will not be anything short of what He wants me to do.

3. What is the title of your next single and when would it be out…?

Naki Akrofi: The title is “Nyame Adwuma” Most of us are slacking in the work of God these days. Deuteronomy 11:13b and Psalm 37:4 are the Spirit behind this new song.

4. Are we having a video of your first single anytime soon….?

Naki Akrofi: We are still working on the video for the first song but I can’t promise exactly when it will come out. That notwithstanding, l am confident that it will be sooner than later.

5. When are we to see you on stage performing to your fans and loved ones..?

Naki Akrofi: Performing on stage? It will be done when my time is up.

6. Any collaborations in the pipeline..?

Naki Akrofi: No, not yet.

7. When will the album be ready for release?

Naki Akrofi: I am still trusting God. No promises. God’s time is the best.

8. What message do you have for the youth who wants to pick up this music journey..?

Naki Akrofi: My advice goes not only to those who want to go into music but to anyone who has a burden to fulfill their purpose. The main killer of our assignment here on earth is not money. They are fear and procrastination. I would therefore like to encourage anyone reading this post, that, they must start taking little steps in faith towards their purpose and God will do the rest, and also there is no time to waste so they should attempt anything pertaining to their purpose with a sense of urgency.

9. What message do you have for the world at large through your music?

Naki Akrofi: Worship, praise, love, and his work. These are some of the great messages the Holy Spirit gives me through my music and they are all for the salvation of our soul.

10. Your very lasts words to your fans, friends, and loved ones..?

Naki Akrofi: Salvation. Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Let us love and work towards His coming. Amen.

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