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Bosom P Yung reveals how he came by the name

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He is the new face in the Ghanaian music fraternity and a fast-rising social media sensation for his colourful yet comical music video  ‘Ataa Adwoa’ which is the new rave.

A very comical figure; slender, a unique sense of fashion, red-dyed hair, peculiar dance moves and overall, his name Bosom P Yung.

As controversial as his name may sound especially in Ghanaian local language, ‘Bosom’ means ‘lesser god’, the artiste has a wonderful reason for his name.

P Yung

In an interview on TV3’s NewDay, he told host Berla Mundi “I got my name from the Bible because we according to the creation story, God created man in his own image and that makes us smaller gods too because we are duplicates of God himself.”

He further explained, “for P Yung, the P stands for Prince which is my name and I chose Yung because I am the youngest son of my family.”

When asked his motive behind choosing ‘Bosom’ he revealed: “in our local parlance, we strongly believe that everything from or by a deity or ‘bosom’ is scary and so is my musical career which I want to be so scary and different.”

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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