Don’t allow yourself to be used for violence ahead of December elections – Worlasi advises youth

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Ghanaian musician Worlasi has advised the youth to desist from allowing themselves to be used as tools to perpetrate political violence.

According to him, it is rather important that one strives for personal development as governance, since time immemorial, has been known to be abused by some leaders.

He made these comments on the back of reports of violence in some constituencies between supporters of rival political parties.

“Your life is in your hands, not in the hands of the politicians. Not in that hands of any man. I understand that you’re throwing bottles at yourselves because you’re eating something small from politicians.

“But when you’re dead and gone, they won’t come and pay for your burial,” he told JoyNews during a rehearsal session ahead of Worlafest 2020.

Ghana is going to the polls to elect her leaders in the December presidential and parliamentary elections.

The 2020 VGMA Record of the Year nominee believes the issue of underdevelopment and retardation that have characterised many African countries are largely the doing of this crop of politicians.

“Power is not in our hands once we give them the power. The power is in our hands only when it’s time to vote. Just after that day, that’s it… the power lies in the hands of our leaders,” he added.

He believes that the narrative will remain unchanged if the youth are not conscientised enough to fend for themselves outside the circles of political influence.

The rapper further indicated that he has been engaged by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) over some copyright infringement.

The party had used the musician’s song in one of their videos as part of its campaign ahead of the general elections, a situation that did not go down well with the latter’s management.

But Worlasi says talks are still underway to secure compensation to that effect.


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