Government’s funds to GPL clubs is ill-timed – Seidu Adamu

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Sports journalist, Chief Seidu Adamu, has stated that the funds released by the government to help Ghana Premier League (GPL) clubs was ill timed.

President Nana Akuffo-Addo, with two days to the elections, gave the green light to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to distribute an amount of GHS 900,000 to 18 league clubs.

The ministry’s said the money is to help ease the financial burden on clubs due to the economic impact of covid-19.

Adamu expressed his concern after hearing the news. He highlighted the fact that the government did not intervene during the period where clubs were really struggling financially.

“Some of the thoughts I had [on the money released] were, why now and what for? I was one of the few media guys that advocated that those in the sports industry especially football should have been included in the small loan support,” he told Nathaniel Attoh on the Joy Sports Link.

“Government from all angles fought against the decision to add sports and football groups because they felt that they were specialized people and that they were going to do something special for them. That did not come. From March when COVID showed its face till today, that intervention did not come [from the government]. The government should not in any way attempt to make it look like they care so much about football clubs.”

“FIFA as a responsible body sent relief packages during the COVID period for all its members to benefit. If the government were so concerned about football, they should have made an intervention then which did not come. We have moved beyond the relief period.”

He also gave an indication that the amount shared among the clubs are insufficient. Each club is expected to pocket GHS 50,000.

“If Kotoko had their way and invited the 25% capacity for their CAF Champions League game today, they would have made more than the GHS 50,000 that has been released to each Ghana Premier League club.”

It is expected that another tranche of payment will be released at a later date.

Source: Bill Eshun

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