He anticipated a hero’s welcome but became a villain he, perhaps, never was: Black Sherif

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Black Sherif had just touched down in Accra from a series of tours abroad.

The fast-rising 21-year-old had, on this recent run, shut down the biggest music festivals across the US and Europe this summer.

It spanned performances at AfroNation Portugal, Wireless Festival UK, Couleur Cafe Festival in Belgium, SummerJam Festival in Köln, and Openair Frauenfeld in Switzerland, among others.

These feats in the short couple of weeks also included becoming the first Ghanaian to grace the stage of the Wireless Festival UK.

Earlier this year, he was sighted at Pharrell Williams’ Something In The Water Festival, Afronation Miami, and Palladium Time Square.

This remarkable journey showcased not only Black Sherif’s exceptional musical genius but also his boundless passion and dedication to his craft.

Mohammed Ismail Sherif’s sensation, with his unwavering ambition and captivating charisma, once more solidified his status as a trailblazer, captivating audiences worldwide and making his homeland, Ghana, exceedingly proud.

That is why it was strange when social media users suggested that the man who had anticipated a hero’s welcome had become a villain he, perhaps, never was.

Social media on Wednesday, July 19, was awash with reports of the purported arrest of ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ on sight at the Kotoka International Airport.

The incident’s details, albeit rather sketchy at the time, were reported by a blogger to the effect that the Konongo-born singer had taken “thousands of dollars”, suggesting Blacko’s evasion of a sort for an unmentioned transaction.

This also fuelled further speculation as to how a break-out star could be involved in purported suspicious dealings this early in his promising career.

It transitioned into becoming the most talked-about topic on Twitter garnering over 5,000 tweets of reactions, concerns, questions, and taunts of ‘gotcha’ moments.

Credit: Instagram | @blacksherif_ | Photo by: @og_farouk

Checks uncovered some details that put many of these concerns to rest for now.

Sources point to an expression of interest by organizers of a certain cruise ship musical performance as being the tangent from which the hullabaloo emanated.

The company had filed a complaint with the Ghana Police Service over what they see to be a breach of an agreement they entered with the Blacko team.

Where it started

The complainant requested to book Black Sherif for the cruise ship performance, a move which was duly heeded by the singer’s agents who happen to be a leading international company representing artists, athletes, and brands across the globe.

Sources say an initial deposit of $20,000 out of a $40,000 booking fee was made by the complainant to the musician’s agency.

However, the contract did not include a requirement for promotional videos for a press launch ahead of the yet-to-be-held event.

But in an interesting twist, the businessman and organizer of the cruise pressed the agents demanding promotional videos from Black Sherif with threats to cancel the contract, if the videos are not submitted which was a breach of the contract.

Credit: Black Sherif via Facebook

Amidst these threats of canceling the contract and lawsuits, the singer’s agents chose to refund the initial deposit in good faith, as the contract reportedly had no clause mandating such promotional videos.

However, the source said the complainant insisted on being reimbursed $50,000 instead of the initial $20,000 fee he parted with, a move which Black Sherif’s agents found unfair and inconsistent.

This led to further threats from the businessman and his subsequent decision to report the case to the police, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

The artiste was stopped at the airport upon his arrival from his successful European tour to assist in the investigation of the matter.

Persons close to the matter, per this development, find that the issue at hand appears to not be about Blacko’s commitment to the event but rather a disagreement between the organizers and the talent agency.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Black Sherif are reportedly working around the clock to ensure an amicable resolution.

The author, Kenneth Awotwe Darko is a journalist, music enthusiast, and social media analyst.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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