I need to be taken care of- Sista Afia; Independent is overrated

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Although women are being encouraged to be independent of men, Ghanaian singer, Sista Afia wants to be “taken care of.”

The “Asuoden” singer, in a recent interview with GhanaWeb’s Paula Broni stated that she wants to be a housewife because being an independent woman is overrated.

“Independent is overrated man” I need somebody to take care of me.
I do work but I will go for housewife and go like “baby can I get some
money,” she stated.

Sista Afia, who is currently promoting her new single “Makwe” also revealed in the interview her taste in men.

According to her, even though she doesn’t have a “type” she expects her man to come with the following qualities;

“I don’t have a type. The only type I have is that baby, you have to
come looking okay, presentable. You need to be able to speak good
English. I’m taking you around the world so yeah…You also have to come in fully loaded. I mean, this girl is not gonna take care of herself,” she stated.

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