‘I say in humility that my generation has failed you’ – Sam Jonah apologizes to youth

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The Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, Sir Sam Jonah, has apologized to the youth across the world on behalf of current global leaders.

He said an apology is necessary because the current crop of leaders has failed the next generation.

“Through no fault of yours, a different world with various, and evolving, challenges awaits you. While many forebears may find cold comfort in progress made in certain aspects of life, I am not afraid to say in candour and humility that my generation has not been kind to you. We have left for you a world riddled with wars, famine, disease, racial and gender discrimination, and a multitude of problems,” he told the 2024 graduating class of Morgan State University in Baltimore, USA over the weekend.

Morgan State University
A cross-section of the 2024 graduating class.

He added “The current global landscape is deeply influenced by a myriad of geopolitical and socio-economic challenges across all continents, highlighting the intricate interdependencies, and the urgent need for radical action. Societal divisions have intensified.

Sadly, all these seemingly intractable global crises reveal a paucity of humane, decisive, just, and provident leadership. It is instructive for the old to listen in humility when the young today say with anger and pain that my generation has failed them.”

Baltimore USA
The leadership and faculty of Morgan State University, Baltimore USA during the graduation ceremony.

The respected Ghanaian statesman therefore encouraged the youth to participate in the governance of their countries in order to be able to influence policies.

“The global challenges notwithstanding, I am of the firm belief that the education you have received on this campus has equipped you to surmount any obstacles. As you step into this world, I implore you to engage in the political processes of your countries. Your active participation is crucial, for as Plato wisely said, ‘The price of apathy in public affairs is to be ruled by evil men’” he stressed.

To succeed in this regard, Sir Jonah told the graduates that although it is good for one to be intelligent, the right attitude is what opens great doors.

“In all you do, remember that whilst your aptitude is a great asset, it is your attitude that will get you ahead,” he advised.

He told the fresh graduates that, “The baton of human progress is handed to you today. Hold on for dear life, imbue it with added value, and when the time comes, pass it on to the next generation.”

The graduating class of 2024, Morgan State University.

Sir Jonah urged them “to remember the value of community. The relationships you have forged here, with peers, faculty, and mentors alike, are a source of strength and inspiration. Nurture these bonds for they will be your support network as you embark on your respective journeys.

And whichever areas of expertise your gifts, talents, and determination drive you to serve and lead, not only for your country but all humanity, remember the words of Plato: The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government is to live under the government of worse men.”

Your wisdom and knowledge are urgently required in every field of endeavor, no less of which is the government: The visioneering, formulation, and timely delivery of provident policies, and enactment of prudent and humane laws for the protection and prosperity of the people. Your leadership in government and governance, in short politics, is equally vital if you are to help shape a better world.”

Source: 3news.com

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