itel’s Generosity Shines Bright: GHC100,000 Donation Transforms New Abossey Okai Basic School

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In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, itel has exemplified its commitment to education by donating items worth GHC100,000 to the New Abossey Okai Basic School. The initiative, driven by itel’s dedication to improving educational opportunities for children, saw the company generously providing essential items to support the school’s learning environment.

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The impressive donation included over 300 textbooks, 300 school bags, coloring sets, lunch boxes, pens, movable libraries, and a variety of other gifts aimed at enhancing the overall educational experience for the students.
The event was marked by the gracious presence of community leaders and the district educational council, who acknowledged itel’s commendable effort in uplifting the local educational landscape.

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Partnering with notable entities such as Google, WhatsApp TV, Gasmilla, and the Fisherman Worldwide Foundation, itel’s commitment to social responsibility was further amplified. This collaborative effort reflects a shared dedication to making a positive impact on communities and fostering educational growth.

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The New Abossey Okai Basic School pupils showcased their gratitude and talents during the event, presenting the itel team with spectacular drama performances, poetry recitals, cadet shows, and martial arts demonstrations. Their enthusiastic participation underscored the significance of itel’s contribution to their educational journey.

Expressing their gratitude, the school extended heartfelt thanks to itel and its partners, encouraging other corporate entities to emulate the exemplary philanthropic gestures demonstrated by itel.

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Michael Tuekpe, the Marketing Manager of itel Ghana, emphasized itel’s longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility. He highlighted the company’s track record of engaging in various CSR programs over the years and pledged continued benevolent efforts in the future. Additionally, Tuekpe teased exciting prospects for next year, promising the release of innovative devices with incredible specifications.

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itel’s generous donation to the New Abossey Okai Basic School not only underscores its dedication to making a positive impact but also sets a compelling example for other corporations to follow suit in uplifting the communities they operate in

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