Negative comments on social media about my failed marriage have had a detrimental effect on me- Xandy Kamel

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Actress Xandy Kamel has bemoaned the fact that the unfavorable social media posts about her have prevented her from getting married again.

The media personality made the disclosure in an interview on United Showbiz on UTV.

Xandy Kamel cursed critics for making fun of her and harassing her after her marriage broke down on the internet. She added that she had been the target of some online humiliation.

Xandy further revealed that potential boyfriends and suitors had shunned her due to internet insults and abuse.

‘‘Even the comments people write about me, I’m not sure a man will be interested in me, but I might consider if a man proposes to me. Maybe I rushed things and I accept whatever mistake, and when I enter into another relationship I’ll make sure to correct those mistakes,’’ she said.

She continued by saying that the constant slurs directed at her on social media had a detrimental effect on her, her relationships and quality of life.

‘‘If you see how people are destroying me to others, you’ll cry for me but it’s all good. I am happy I am very vocal because when I was receiving therapy for my depression, they told me venting or talking sometimes helps, and it has helped me. It was funny how people were lamenting and saying I talk too much, they didn’t know what I was going through.

 ‘‘This is something I have kept in me for a year and three months in my marriage, I had to go wash my womb because I got pregnant two times and I lost both child, what I went through was only God who saved me, and you sit on social media and write rubbish about me. I almost committed suicide,’’ she stated.


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