#OccupyJulorbiHouse protestors defy rains to intensify demonstration

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The road in front of the 37 Military Hospital in Accra is filled with protestors who are unrelenting in their quest to see a change in the country.

Their calls, in the face of riot control police, have grown louder over the past three to four hours.

Though their attempt to take their concerns all the way to the Jubilee House was thwarted by the police, their enthusiasm remained visible.

They chanted various songs, including the national anthem, and also took turns for personalities to express their grievances.

As more momentum was gained, so did the clouds. By 2:40 p.m., a heavy downpour started.

While a few people left the group to find shelter elsewhere, most of them would not let the blasting sounds from the speakers go to waste.

They danced in the rain and chanted more songs near the barricades with no plans to leave soon.

At about 4:00 pm, the exercise came to an end and protestors dispersed.

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