Sarkodie’s strength wasn’t enough – Strongman on Sarkcess Music

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According to Strongman, Sarkodie may have fallen short in financing more music videos because of limited resources available to the record label.
He suggested that investors may have been ideal for the record label before signing on more artists.

Speaking on why none of the songs on his best all-time EP had music videos, Strongman explained the unfortunate situation of his former record label. As a signed artist under Sarkodie’s record label, Sarkcess Music, he had to share their paltry resources with Akwaboah and Sarkodie, himself. He reasoned that this was a difficult position. Since both artists were also very popular and needed the necessary push.

“Honestly, I have never asked Sark to shoot a music video for my song. If Sark would shoot a video, he will shoot it after listening to the song, and he thinks that music needs a push. So after I finished that project … he didn’t tell me to come and shoot a video. He didn’t tell me to come and shoot a video for any of the songs.”

Strongman continued to say that he understood the circumstances surrounding the reason Sarkodie did not request for his music videos to be shot. He pointed out that taking money from the same reservoirs that fed his family, expensive clothing, and lifestyle was challenging.

“The reason why I don’t blame Sark that much is because he is an artist who signed Akwaboah and myself. And under Sarckcess, we didn’t have investors. It was Sark’s own money that was used to finance all the projects. At that time, he also had video projects he was undertaking … so after shooting music videos for Akwaboah and himself, he might have already spent about 100,000. So, if I try to be considerate a bit, at the end of the day, my project suffers.

“But I can’t complain because I understand that the money is from his own pocket. So the only problem I feel we had at Sarkcess was that he was supposed to get an investor before signing us. Then every video will come. But as he didn’t get an investor at that time, he used his own money and he had to take care of himself, family plus he likes big outfits so that you pay him more,” Strongman added.

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