You are to serve the people not prioritize your interests over them – M.anifest on police guards to MPs

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Rapper M.anifest is unhappy with the deployment of over 200 police officers to serve as personal bodyguards to all parliamentarians.

According to him, the MPs are meant to serve the country and not prioritise their interest over that of the people.

“To be chosen to lead is to be a servant of the people. Not to prioritise your life over theirs,” the ‘Big Mad‘ hitmaker tweeted.

His comments come after Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery announced the officers were being deployed to protect MPs.

According to him, this forms part of measures to counter the growing cases of attacks on public officials in the country.

The decision follows the death of the MP for the Mfantseman Constituency who was shot by armed robbers in the central region.

Reacting to M.anifest’s post some Twitter users agreed with the rapper stating that the decision to deploy police will only affect the security in other parts of the country.

However, others disagreed explaining that the MPs have to protect themselves to be able to do their duty.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye (retired), also said government’s decision to provide personal security for MPs will come at a cost to public safety.

Speaking to Joy News’ Evans Mensah on ‘Top Story’ on Tuesday, he said the move will devoid other state security offices of personnel.

“The reality of what this decision is that effective the time that the IGP finds 200 Police officers to assign for MP protection duties, the areas of operation for the Police – say patrolling or rapid reaction – are going to suffer because he will necessarily have to withdraw Police officers from some of the operational elements” he explained.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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