Big Ivy and Mummy Dolarz’ Ghana-Naija beef intensifies

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The Ghana-Naija feud, which started because nationals of the two nations wanted superiority over who makes the best jollof rice, is seemingly heading off in different directions.

From wanting to claim supremacy in music to sports today, they have fought over almost everything.

Accordingly, what started as a Mother’s Day tribute from rapper CJ Biggerman to his mum, Big Ivy, has turned into beef for the “big mamas” in Ghana and Nigeria.

On Sunday, May 8, CJ Biggerman chose to celebrate his mother in a different and creative way.

So, he made a beat for her while she rapped about all the things she’s done as a mother while proffering advice to some young women on the song called Big Momma.

Months later, some Nigerians felt Ghana could not display such creativity without being challenged, so they called on their mothers to reply to Big Ivy.

Big Ivy and Mummy Dolarz' Ghana-Naija beef intensifies

When Nigeria’s Mummy Dolarz with the help of her son comedian Oluwadolarz released a track throwing shots at Big Ivy, a new Ghana-Niaja beef was officially born. 

Of course, beefs aren’t beefs without back-to-back shots so, Big Ivy had to reply to Dollars’ shots.

Mothers of these countries are taking the baton from their kids to now defend the nation themselves.

Meanwhile, Mummy Dollarz has heard the new track from Big Ivy replying to her diss.

The Nigerian woman is readying herself to take another shot.


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