Funny Face gives ex-wife ultimatum says he wants kids back

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Comedian and actor Funny Face says he has given his ex-wife and mother of his twins a week to return the kids to him.

Taking to Instagram, he reiterated his point that he had the finances to take better care of the children, Ella and Bella, as compared to her.

“If you give these children to me for me to give them a better future, one day, you will be da same to benefit from them. You are their mother, even if I cut my “dorlor”  … you are still their mother,” Funny face wrote in a post.

Funny Face in May accused his wife of conniving with his colleague turn rival, Lil Win, to separate him from his twins.

The actor subsequently shared numerous videos and pictures of the girls. He stated those were the memories he was holding on to.

He stated that he would prefer his ex-wife make a decision that would be good for their kids’ future.

“This will be the Last time I will talk about this. I am giving you 1 week to think about it before I strike. The ball is in your court, choose wisely. I suggest you get new advisers. The old ones you have are not helping you,” he added.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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