Ground Up Chale Breaks Rising Ghanaian Talents Out Of The Gutters With Its Grimey New mixtape, ‘Trenches Babies; Lalid – The Big Fish’

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As part of Ground Up Chale’s projects, Trenches Babies was birthed to introduce diverse new musical talents to the ever-changing and dynamic music scene. The aim was to merge our newly discovered acts with a raw street talent to produce an eclectic project of musical mastery in the ever-growing

Drill scene in Ghana. This has paved the way for the groundbreaking solo mixtape of one of our featured acts, LALID.

After the release of Trenches Babies, LALID caught the attention of fans who immediately fell in love with his unique sound that stood out in “Skin Bebe”.

His first solo project, titled “Big Fish”, is an autobiography of his life that captures his struggles, aspirations, and goals as he navigates his way through life and climbs the ladder of music supremacy. He opens up about his vulnerabilities and the dynamics of being a newly discovered artist in the limelight. It embodies a carefully curated track list showing this musical prodigy’s musical dexterity.

This project puts his musical talent at the core of it and gives room for his creative freedom and expression. It allows the fans and music community to connect with him and will enable him to send a message to them.

We are proud to have such fantastic talent permeate the Ghanaian musical scene.

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