Roverman Productions to hold virtual play on Father’s Day

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Roverman Productions is set to perform its second play for the year 2020 titled ‘The Day Dad Came’.

The play tells the story of a father’s love, the unseen consequences of breaking vows and the saving power of a loving wife.

Jane discovers on Ama’s birthday that contrary to what she wants everyone to believe, her sister is in an abusive marriage.

The shock of it leads her to report the issue to their father, who comes to set the ball rolling for a rollercoaster of revelations and resolutions.

The play, which is written and directed by playwright Ebo Whyte and aimed at commemorating Father’s day, is free for all.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the ban on public gathering, the play will be coming to all theatre lovers in the comfort of their homes.

‘The Day Dad Came’ will be streamed live on Uncle Ebo Whyte’s YouTube page on Sunday, June 21.

There will be two showings – one at 4pm and another at 8pm

Make a date with Uncle Ebo Whyte and his crew for an entertainment-filled night.

Source: MyJoyOnline

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