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Life has been really difficult recently. A lot of us have been beaten down and we may feel run down and in survival mode, but we have to find a way to find our sparkle and shine again.

Of course, this starts from the inside because you cannot be on the outside what you are not inside.. so maybe let’s fix our insides first, okay?


Self-talk! We can’t say this enough. We must start the inner work by being intentional with what we tell ourselves. It’s easier to hold on to the past than to hope for ‘better’ tomorrows. We get stuck with our old stories because the mind likes to go back to what it is familiar with. So you must be intentional with creating new thought pathways.

Write down what you want your 2021 to look like. What do I need for these hopes to manifest? What are my self-care practices? What am I going to listen to? Will I choose life-giving content that will feed my soul or do I just let life happen to me?

The inner unseen work is fundamental to restoring the spark that life may have taken away and it isn’t the easiest path to take. It means asking yourself difficult questions about the things that have broken you, your reactions to things that happen, and being honest about the things you need to change. It’s tough to accept your imperfections but that is step 1 to a more beautiful, sexier you.


A lot of women were more brazen in their hair style choices in 2020 amidst the pandemic according to Christine Kastner, owner of Red Ginger for Hair.

Covid-19 has changed a woman’s outlook. Now, most women want freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to be bold mainly because it is so clear you only live once.

And so why wait to get that colour? Or that cut? Or those extensions? Our advice is to try something new and do what you’ve always wanted to do!

Hopefully, you are not like some of us, and you have a skincare regime. If you don’t, you can consider this as the memo you never got. You can’t go through life without having some sort of routine to take care of your face, especially as you get older.

Let’s make this easy for you. These are the 4 absolutes you should have; a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer and some SPF to protect your face from sunburn.

Also, maybe a Vitamin C serum to deal with discolouration and hyperpigmentation.

Whatever you do, don’t use rubbing alcohol to clean your face. Please, just don’t.

Makeup is a very personal thing. We like different things. Some prefer to look more natural while some are a lot more statement oriented.

Whatever you do, the key is to look appropriate for where you are going, and the focus is to accentuate the good stuff and hide the not so good.


If you don’t remember anything at all when it comes to clothes and shoes, remember this, “just because you think something looks good, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.”

A lot of us are judged at first sight by how we look, so clearly, the way we present ourselves is important. There is a saying… don’t talk to us about inner beauty, we don’t walk around with x-ray vision.

Comfort and versatility are important, it’s so obvious when someone looks uncomfortable in what they are wearing and it’s not a good look at all, so be comfortable but also versatile.

We cannot say enough that you should dress for your body type. Know the parts that must remain hidden and what you can flaunt.

Your shoes will make or break your outfit, so heels to dress up and flats or loafers to dress down.

In theatre, there are some players who don’t need costumes or props to make their characters come alive… they shine through from the inside out.

There are also some who only come alive when they are in costume, with props and the lights on… their performances are equally as remarkable.

Know who you are! Know what you need to shine! And then take centre stage!

The world is waiting.

A special thanks to Christine Kastner, Sandra Don Arthur, Ariel the wellness coach, Faustina Mensah, and Effie Nkrumah for sharing their hearts on “Strong and Sassy”.

Source: Animwaa Anim-Addo

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