Sista Afia and Freda Rhymz almost engage in a fist fight at TV3 premises

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It looks like the “I will beat you when I see you’ comments from Sista Afia to Freda Rhymz during their ongoing ‘beef’ was not for play.

At the premises of TV3, the two would have gotten into a fist fight had it not being for the intervention of people around.

In a video, Sista Afia is heard shouting at Freda Rhymes to come ‘say it to her face’ as they both charge at each other.

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Sista Afia in her ‘WMT’ song which was released a couple of weeks ago took a jab at some female musicians in Ghana.

Freda Rhymz hit back with ‘Point of Correction’ and had to some things to say to Sista Afia.

Sista Afia however went ahead to charge Freda to say all the things she said about her in the song to her face when she sees her.

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