Why the 2023 Chalewote Street Art Festival is a must-attend event

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Beginning in 2011, the Chalewote Street Art Festival has thrilled fans across the globe, particularly Ghanaians.

The event has evolved to bring together thousands of people from all walks of life to experience the uniqueness of Ghanaian art and culture.

The past three years of the event’s activities have been action-packed and unforgettable as individuals experienced the best of all happenings, including exhibitions, music, and art, as well as tradition.

Well, it is yet another year and the 13th edition of the lively street festival of art and culture. This year’s edition promises to be more intriguing as the organizers, Accra [dot] Alt, have partnered with Joy Prime, Joy FM, Hitz FM, and other Joy Brands.

Both parties are extremely enthused to unearth more beauty in Ghana’s heritage through traditional media (TV) and across the internet.

Here are some exhilarating reasons why the 13th edition of the Chalewote Street Art Festival is a must-attend event.

This year’s edition will be hosted by the Osu community with its major activities at the Black Star Square because it provides ample space for all the activities and patrons.

Over the years, the festival was celebrated at Jamestown, a predominantly fishing community, and Accra’s oldest community, Mantse Agbonaa, bringing together a captivating mix of artists, musicians, designers, and exhibitors.

However, the 2023 edition has flipped-flopped to the Osu township, still in the Greater Accra region.

Explaining why it has been moved to Osu, Nii Ayitey, the Director of Operations for Chale Wote Street Arts Festival, told Roselyn Feli on Joy Prime that “over the years, it looks like the festival has outgrown the space, and other things are taking over the festival, and we want to move away from that. We want to show people that the street art part of the festival is still there, so we want people to see that.

“We are taking it to a bigger space for people to see that, and to improve the experience for people who are attending.”

The new venue, Osu, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Accra, dating back to the early 19th century, and has become an important part of the city’s commercial and cultural landscape.

Also, the Black Star Square in Osu will feature open-air mural exhibitions by leading Ghanaian and international artists, showcasing work inspired by the rebellion of enslaved Afro-Brazilians in 1835 by Salvador Bahia and their glorious return to present-day Ghana, Togo, and Nigeria.

The story is also performed as a musical theatre piece called ‘Memory Movement Freedom’ by multiple community-based performances, dance troupes, and brass bands.

For their participation this year, Ghanaian art collective AFUABE will create live murals detailing the former Gold Coast’s long history of resistance against colonial invasions.

Other showcases will include performance art, graffiti, four music stages with 120 musicians and bands, LABS, salons, design, photography, processions, street theatre, and the SHIKA SHIKA Art Fair, which will host independent artists at the Christianborg Castle. All these arts will be exhibited by some of Ghana’s best veteran artists.

The castle gardens will also host the Chale Wote Film LABS and knowledge-sharing salons from August 22 to August 24. Nonetheless, the opening of the event will take place on the streets of the Osu community on the 21st at 3 p.m.

Some major activities for the 13th edition of the festival are, but are not limited to, photo exhibitions, street painting, graffiti murals, interactive installations, street boxing, movie screenings, processions, design labs, movie screenings, and more.

There shall also be a representation of the College of Art and Design University from Canada.

Over many generations, the ones who came before us created powerful ceremonies for medicinal and restorative purposes. Recently, the lateral violence of colonial legacies; waves of invasions through corporatization, and cyber isolation has disconnected us from these practices and rituals, causing time vacuums in our collective ancestral memory. It will feature Professor Ian Keteku and students from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (Canada).

Other activities throughout the week-long event include a fashion show. A grand street-strutting fashion statement featuring 300+ designers. Feel free to style up and jump in.

An all-day reggae popup by Accra Chaos features a variety of artists and DJs who will showcase the roots of these genres in the early rave scene, Jamaican sound system culture, and other communities and histories specific to their birthplace and spiritual home.

Some artists to grace the musical performance’s stage are Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Amandzeba, Mzbel, King Ayisoba, and more.

In collaboration with the biggest media conglomerate in Ghana, The Multimedia Group, all the activities will be broadcast on all the multimedia brands, including Joy FM, Joy Prime, and Hitz FM.

There will be comprehensive live coverage of the festival, which will be replicated on all social media platforms of the various Joy Brands.

Be a part of the 2023 Chalewote Street Art Festival and have fun with your favorite TV and radio personalities from the Multimedia Group and other Ghanaian celebrities.

Source: Joan Nyaame

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