Witnesses in Tema robbery scrambled for scattered money as police engaged robbers in gun battle

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Police have confirmed that two robbers were killed in a gun battle in Tema after they attacked a businessman who had gone to the bank to withdraw money.

As the hostilities raged, eyewitness scrambled for and grabbed the the bank notes which were flying around, according to a police statement.

In the end, the businessmen only managed to retrieve just GHC2500 out of the 123,345 he had withdrawn from the bank.

It all started after two unidentified men on a motorbike pounced on the businessman and snatched a bag containing the money he had just withdrawn from the bank, threatening him with a gun.

According to the businessman, he and his partner, a Lebanese who deals in frozen fish at the Tema Fishing Harbour, had gone to withdraw an amount of ¢123,345.00 at a bank located within the Tema Metropolitan Assembly but some bank staff sensed danger when they saw the motorbikes outside the bank.

He said the staff advised they wait for some time but when the suspected robbers failed to leave, the bank offered a police officer as escort.

On their way, the robbers crossed their vehicle, attacked them and took the money.

In a Facebook post, the police said the robbers immobilized the businessman’s car by shooting at the tyres at the TDC roundabout.

“Police responded and exchanged fire with the robbers,” the post said. “The two robbers died in the process, while the money scattered on the streets and were scrambled by people around, leaving only GHC2500 salvaged by the complainant.”

The Police concluded the post with a warning to “criminally minded persons” to learn from what had happened “turn over a new leaf” and an assurance to “well-meaning Ghanaians and residents that your police is at work.”

Source: Jerry Tsatro Mordy Via Myjoyonline.com

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