Wiyaala fears losing over 50 gigs this year due to coronavirus

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Musician Noella Wiyaala has urged Ghanaians to take precautions during this lockdown put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to the musician, even though she has lost so much due to this pandemic, she is grateful for life and hopes its ends as quickly as it came.

Wiyaala said that she would be getting most of her shows in the next months cancelled if the pandemic is not dealt with immediately.

“It has affected me, big time, because I was supposed to be out there by now, rehearsing with musicians, getting ready for my tours. I should have been performing by now, in fact, all my 53 gigs, they are cancelling them as the months go by.”

“I just hope this virus goes away so that we can all go back, because we are losing out,” she added

“So the most important thing is we should all stay at home! This is actually the time I’m writing new songs,” she added.

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