Berla Mundi introduces financial titbits in association with Absa

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TV personality, Berla Mundi in association with Absa Bank has introduced a fun bi weekly financial titbit series on social media. Dubbed as ‘Berla Absa Tuesdays’, the series aims to give financial advice to help her fans, and the general public, to make better choices in life.

The first episode which rolled out on Tuesday, June 2 was on the topic ‘Spend less to save more”.

According to Berla, “There is almost nothing fun about looking over your bank statement and realising you spent a quarter of your income on things you had no need for. You’ll be surprised to find out that even seemingly insignificant expenses, cumulatively, may be taking much of your income than you can imagine. If you are determined to achieve the goals you have been focused on for so long, you may have to detoxify your spending habits—just as doctors advise that you cut back on sugar or alcohol.”

“Yes, it is hard work up front, but if you are looking to tackle a major life change—whether that is buying a house or getting out of debt or buying a car—you need to cut back on spending money on things that aren’t necessities, no matter how small or insignificant they seem,” Berla indicated.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Cyril Nai, Head of Marketing & Communication at Absa Bank noted that the bank is excited to collaborate with Berla to share important financial nuggets that would help people to make better choices and achieve their financial goals.

“Our commitment to connect people’s dreams to financials services, resources and opportunities to help them realise their possibilities also includes providing advisory support to sound financial management and economic freedom,” said Mr. Nai.

Berla was announced as an influencer for Absa Bank Ghana Limited in February 2020, during the bank’s name change from Barclays. The bank, which is the second largest lender in the industry as at the end of quarter one, 2020, is also one of the first banks to offer customers payment holidays and fee waivers on digital transactions to reduce the economic impact of COVID-19. Under the Absa brand, the bank has reiterated its commitment to remain a significant player in the financial services sector and the country’s economic development.


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