Gee Spot: It’s double dose of goodness from MzGee as Season 3 starts!

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Every Saturday and Sunday your super talented and shrewd showbiz presenter MzGee now delivers a double dose of goodness on your favourite TV networks – Joy Prime and JoyNews.

This is because starting this Saturday, August 10, 2019, the much-awaited season three of talk of town star-studded sizzling show Gee Spot will hit your screens.

In the last two seasons, the Joy Prime entertainment magazine show titled to throw up wild imaginations of excitement has been a hot spot for entertainers.

On Gee Spot soft sofa interviews with artistes, actors and actresses in an ambience that encourages them to let their hair down are done with near-perfect precision.

They leave their showbiz arena and enter into coffee table conversations, revealing their views, opinions and even their fears on everyday subjects – love, marriage and for a programme titled Gee Spot – yes, some sex.

This season promises to be super fun-packed and educating as well.

Now for those who followed the last two seasons the latest one which has been revamped with extraordinary production brewed at Furniture city on the Spintex Road will blow your mind. 

At the risk of unveiling what is new on Gee Spot let me remain just dare you to tune in this Saturday, August 10, 2019, at 6:30 pm on Joy Prime on Multi TV.

If you are an ardent viewer of Joy News by now you would have noticed MzGee has been bringing you captivating content on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 pm on her latest show the GIST.

From relevant interviews with showbiz personalities through unveiling the latest dance steps, news in the world of entertainment with award-winning personalities and groups to ambassadorial balls that reveals the rich, contemporary lifestyle of the famous, the GIST has to come to redefine weekend TV.

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