I’ve been officially divorced for 3 years now – Trigmatic reveals

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Ghanaian rapper, Trigmatic has disclosed that his marriage with Edith Schandorf has officially ended.

According to Trigmatic, the divorce took place some three years ago but has been kept private.

Trigmatic made this shocking revelation on D-Black’s Unkut show.

“I am divorced. A lot of people don’t know. It’s not something I talk about… Yeah, it has been three years now,” he stated when D-Black brought the matter up on his Unkut show.

Comedian DKB, who was also on the show, expressed shock upon hearing the news considering his close relationship with the rapper.

“Trig for real? Why do you never tell me? The girl I know? No, I can’t understand,” he expressed.

Asked whether his profession as a musician contributed to the breakdown of his marriage, Trigmatic said the decision to divorce was reached amicably.

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He further dismissed any perception about his career causing his divorce stressing that the height of the COVID-19 pandemic made them spend more time together and could not reconcile their differences.

“No, I think COVID got us to like to be at home and so… it was very peaceful though,” he explained.

Trigmatic got married to Edith on March 25, 2017.

In 2020, Trigmatic took to his Instagram to celebrate the third anniversary of his marriage.

“After winning this dance, we continued dancing to the tunes of life with Godly melodies and rhythms of love. God, we’re grateful for how far we’ve come and only you deserve the praise. God bless you @this.is.dita keep being special! We are in challenging times but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating you,” he captioned a wedding photo of them on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, Trigmatic has also expressed his interest in getting married again on condition of meeting the right person.

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