Medikal registered Fella Makafui’s Benz in his name. Here’s why

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Manager of Fella Makafui has revealed why the white Benz Medikal bought for the actress was registered in the singer’s name.

Richmond Amofa Sarpong’s comments come after some social media users poked fun at the couple when a viral photo showed Medikal registered the car in his name.

The car is not in your name and you’re happy. Your name dey number plate no dey mean say ebe your own oo. Go to their snap and see. De drivers license card medikal indicated shows that the owner of the car be ihn own and the number plate dey fella ihn name. Be wise my dear— chuppa (@ChuppaDeMC) March 20, 2020

However, Fella Makfui’s manager said that registration was to show ownership of the property until the documents are completely transferred to the actress name.

“So those who watched the video before Medikal gifted the car to Fella Makafui would clearly see that it was a surprise to his wife. Meaning, The purchase/documentation/handing over was all new to his wife that instance.”

“The registration details on the card was proof of ownership of the Benz by Medikal which must be handed over to the new owner. It happens when you are handing over a car to anyone to show the previous owner of the car.”

On March 19, the ‘Omo Ada, hitmaker took to his social media handles to show off the new white 2017 Benz C300 he purchased.

The car had the customised number plate Fella 20 – 20. “Got wife’s something nice. She happy, I’m happy,” he wrote.

Although congratulations flowed, with the recent photo of the car’s registration going viral people seem to doubt if the rapper really got the car for his wife.

Some social media users believe the show of love between the couple was just a show-off.

“Love with your brain,” one Twitter user wrote after spotting the photo.

Car number Plate for Fella, the car is registered in the name of MEDIKAL. Love with your Brain . #CalebYeslordWorld—   (@CalebYeslord) March 19, 2020

Meanwhile, the manager, Richmond Amofa Sarpong, said that the couple can decide whether to change ownership or not.

This, he explained, is because under the laws of Ghana ” property acquired during marriage is joint property.”

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