Van Vicker hopes to open four more branches of his restaurant in Ghana

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With the inauguration of his restaurant, ‘Vantastic Grill’ on the Spintex road, Ghanaian actor Joseph Van Vicker has joined the list of new developments in the year 2022, which has seen the opening of a range of eateries, restaurants, and the like.

Van Vicker had originally intended to open in 2019, but the covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown prevented him from doing so.

The debut of ‘Vantastic Grill’ on January 10th, 2022 had a positive reception from friends, colleague actors, and actresses, as well as the general public.

“The idea was to do more deliveries than a sit-in… then I really don’t need a big space,” Van Vicker revealed in an interview with Phyllis Ntim.

Sooner rather than later, he wants to add extra space outside rather than in the upstairs area of his establishment.

“It will all really depend on how fast we grow, how much capital we raise, or even perhaps there could be people out there who want to purchase a franchise of it in their country,” he said.

Van says Liberia is one nation he will truly like to establish a branch in and that he plans to open in Ghana before leaving the country.

When asked how he came about the name, he said;

“I usually would use the word fantastic… in sometime 2012 I think, it struck me that I could replace the ‘F’ with a ‘V’ since my name already has the ‘a’ and ‘n’ in there. So, when it got to the food bits, I thought okay now I do incorporate my name in the business because I think it’s something more of who I stand for what I stand for my personal brand how can I incorporate that with the name of the restaurant,” he added.

Even while business at the restaurant is not as strong as it could be, particularly since COVID is still a concern, he is hopeful that things will improve with time.

Watch Van’s interview with Phyllis below;


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