Ghanaian movie ‘The Curfew’ to be shown by three international aviation giants

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Creatives in Ghana are pushing more boundaries than ever before.

Music, movies, and other forms of creativity are beginning to get the deserved recognition on the international front.

This is why the announcement that three prominent airlines are set to add a formidable locally produced movie into their catalog, brought joy to many moviegoers.

The film in question, ‘The Curfew’ began production in 2019 but the 2020 release date was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The story was inspired by the late Asantehemaa’s funeral. It narrates the dilemma of three friends racing against time to rescue a friend they believe has been abducted for ritual sacrifice in a remote town called Susubiribi.

Some scenes from The Curfew
Some scenes from The Curfew

It features the granddaughter of Kwame Nkrumah, Princess Fathia Nkrumah in the lead role, international presenter and producer Emeline Nisingi Mkosi, Pascal Aka, Adjetey Anang, Dzifa Glikpoe, and Emmanuel France among others.

‘The Curfew’ was produced by media personality, Elinam Amenyo (Eli Kharis) and is a co-production between Blackmor Studios and Adfocus.

The film had its first public screening at Burj Park in Dubai at the All African festival in October last year.

However, starting from July 1, three top airlines: Emirate, United Airlines, and Kenya Airways are acquiring the rights to the art piece.

This means passengers aboard the respective flights will be able to see the movie locally inspired by high-quality storytelling.

The movie is the debut project of Ghanaian filmmaker and director, Mclistowel Koranteng.

Despite COVID-19’s effect on public screening at cinemas and viewing centers, Mclistowell was not perturbed.

According to him, it was important to find “international distribution partners who believe in your project well enough to want to represent it.”

“Most of these platforms don’t deal directly with producers so it’s paramount you seek an agent who knows the terrain.”

Some cast members of the cast
Some cast members the cast

He also shared some nuggets which helped him secure the deal and how creators can take maximize the resources in the sector.

For him, film production is as crucial as its distribution.

“One cannot exist without the other. Before a filmmaker even picks up a camera to film, it is safer to already know their distribution path, which is to say an agent’s involvement from the beginning is pretty key. Films that transcend borders in my opinion are films with universal themes. Distributors want to know they can be able to market your product across platforms,” he added.

Elinam Amenyo (Eli Kharis)
Elinam Amenyo (Eli Kharis)

The official distribution partner for the film is South African-based Gravel Roads, who double as representatives for other highly successful Ghanaian productions such as Aloe Vera by Peter Sedufia and Azali by Kwabena Gyansah.


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